Gillian Swain

That moment the lake 
comes into view I 
know I’m home
despite my door being 
to another house
this house is where I hold you
this place the breathing truth of where I belong 
where I return 
these feet slip through silt
pack down dirt
firmer ground beneath me
with every step and start and fall and scrape
brush knees
brush landscape
prickled and soft
I am amongst the trees
the arc between water and scrub
the light between
depart and arrive
home ground
come find me

Gillian Swain is from Lake Macquarie, living in East Maitland NSW. Gillian’s first poetry collection is “My Skin its own Sky” (Flying Islands Press 2019) following the chapbook “Sang Up” (Picaro Press, 2001).

She has poems published in various anthologies and journals, including ‘Poetry For The Planet: An Anthology of Imagined Futures’ (2021, Littoria Press), ‘What we Carry: Poetry on childbearing’ (2021, Recent Works Press), ‘Burrow’ (Old Water Rat Publishing, v1&2), and ‘Live Encounters magazine: Special Australia-New Zealand edition’ (May 2021) and again ‘Live Encounters Magazine 12th Anniversary edition, Vol 2’ (Dec 2021).

Gillian helps run various poetry events including Poetry At The Pub (Newcastle) and is the Co-Director and Poetry Curator of the Indie Writers Festival ‘IF Maitland’. She was recently an Artist In Residence at Lighthouse Arts Newcastle, located at Nobbys-Whibayganba headland.



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