Winter Landscape in a Frame

by Margaret Kiernan

Wind cry, whistles through
desolate dark lands
furled roots beneath hedgerows
cuddle stones from the ditches, while
low light and pale pink sky
lend promise to the day.

Patchwork of cool green fields rolls-into 
a boundary, of whitethorn trees laid bare,
spotted red haws hang on branches, as
offerings to the passing rook
his contempt to the feast
acknowledged, by his caw, caw, caws,
echoes along those damp ditches
till’ the shadows fall

Spring arrives in morning chorus
ploughs turnover uncultivated soil
while seeds tumble to mingle

Soft rain showers with golden sun
creates life beneath the sky
in harmony awaits the heraldry of
August fields, billowing dust.

Delays and restrictions for movement in the time of COVID 19, when Governments compulsory regulations around people travel prevented trips to the Rural hills and other places. The painting was of an Irish landscape painting in early winter. I took inspiration to speak the scene into Life. Waiting for real-time.

Margaret has a background in Human and in Democratic Rights. She is published in several genres. Her pastimes include painting in all mediums. She has grown-up children. She lives with her dog, Molly.

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