Margaret Zanardo
Ain’t it kinda crazy how he blows that horn            
Like sunshine singing from the sky
Like daybreak lighting up the dawn —
Turn it up, I want to hear
How sweet that man can play
And when those saints start marching in                                                                            
They bring a whole new joyous day                                       
Just when I’m feeling sad and low, it’s heaven to my ears
All I need is keys and sax and a slide of soft trombone                                                                        
Zapping out those hot jazz tunes and 
Zinging gospel, blues and soul

Contextual Essay: Apart from family and friends, by far the most reliable companion I have — to boost my energy and spirits — is music. Preferably upbeat, loud and joyful!

Margaret Zanardo is a Sydney poet, writer and graphic designer. She has a background in languages, art and English literature.

In recent years she has tutored in high school English and creative writing, and also edited academic papers.


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