Erina Booker

Sitting here                                                                                                                    	
lulled by the balm
of your stay
all possible beds
with the Sheltie
watching over us
from his bed
between rooms
two grandsons
nestled in doonas
sheets and pillows
sound asleep
in the lounge room
my daughter,
their mother,
next to me
my double bed
time has turned me
into the matriarch
of this coterie
of generations
and I will fulfil this role
with gratitude and care
I feel the energies
of connected souls
surrounding me
and am replete,
we form a web –
we are unbreakable
despite some overt
signs of pain
always surpassed
by the gift of love.

Contextual Essay: The source of this poem, ‘Links’, came from an extremely hot day in the city where I, my children, & grandchildren, live. On this particular day my daughter called me to ask if she & her sons could stay overnight at my home, enjoying the air-conditioning. I said to come at once.

I morphed the lounge room into a bedroom, shifting furniture so the boys could not roll out of bed, but be safe. They went to sleep almost immediately.

When I looked over the scene, once we were all settled, I felt profound gratitude to have them all with me, & to have been able to provide what they needed. My sense of wellbeing was at a very high level.

Erina Booker is a Sydney-based poet. Her life revolves around poetry, from publishing books and contributing to journals, including tanka journals, &, also, anthologies, including those of Vita Brevis Press.  Erina regularly recites her poetry at public events, & enjoys giving seminars. She contributes ekphrastic poems to art galleries, works regularly with artists and craftspeople, and actively supports poetry within her local community.

Her qualifications include a major in Literature within her Bachelor of Arts degree, & a Post-graduate degree in Counselling. Erina knows the value of words, & the pauses between them.



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