Logan’s Beach in winter

Rose Lucas
buffeted       high on 
              jutted dunes        we pull coats close while
icy wind wraps     and swirls us
crenelations of salty air

below the viewing platform
the ochre snake of the beach
                     pitted with footprints
brinks wolf-grey ocean
a swooning         sliding and swelling
a wide sweep that unfolds all the way
to the swaying curtain of turbulent sky

obliquely      a patient eye     registers
                  the slow break      tell-tale spume of vertical water –
                                a whale’s barnacled roll 
broad and black and

as it opens a seam
                into the chop
the quilted waves

a revelation of flukes     heave and cut       
          through spray      while gulls
clamour     and cluster 
they cry out in the fierce shaft of this  

single moment
this witnessing of what sinks     

into what is already deep    and past seeing
the maw of this      watery element

its rumours of refracting sound
its invisible by-ways  

to inhabit the strange      
and glinting chambers     of other lives

turning    and resting
and gone

Rose Lucas is a poet and academic living and working on the unceded lands of the Wurundjeri in Naarm. Her most recent poetry collection is Increments of the Everyday (Puncher and Wattmann, 2022). She is also founding Editor at Liquid Amber Poetry Press.



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