lucy lorikeet

Jenni Nixon

there are openings in our lives of which we know nothing
Jane Hirshfield  The Envoy

flightless   stunted wings   no tail feathers   ‘runner’  
born with highly contagious beak and feather disease
baby rainbow lorikeet carried to my flat from garden
soft blue head   red eyes   her calm appraisal
		      	  already at home 
in the time of covid   we all are in cages   many die 
  aged folk in nursing homes carried forth in body bags
lucy feeds formula to her friends  mirror   bell   toy 
bobs on perch  hangs upside down  whistles cage to rooms 
		              my replies echo from bedroom  
taught her ‘sexist’ whistle like a labourer 	
		              at ‘piece of skirt’ walking by
climbs walls of her cage   swinging   sometimes falls
bathes in small plastic bowl  shaped blue cat face
intense red yellow chest   purple blue belly   shades of green 
 		              small single yellow tail feather
through worst of covid   two years and more
		              we spend time together   companions
cheerful soul began to hide   head to droop   green diarrhoea
  bacterial infection took little bobbing happy girl away
painting now  	             long swooping green wings
		             tail feathers that touch the stars
		             in glorious flight   she’s ascending
	                     gold dust in her wake
lucy lorikeet, painted by Jenni Nixon

jenni nixon is a sydney writer/performance poet with readings at diverse venues. swimming underground published by ginninderra press (2015) cordite, southerly, rochford street press, i protest and milestones ginninderra press, musings during a time of pandemic anthologies / kenya. not very quiet anthology meuse press #for ukraine by women of the world. jenni believes writing and painting gives space for her to find herself and not be limited or shamed by the opinions of others. she has a new book of poetry on the horizon with ginninderra press called passages.



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