Marilyn Humbert
Drowsy still 
I see the boatman 
bending the pole silently
on a river of stars.

I watch dawn stir 
turning the pages of her book 
colouring-in morning.
Each new day is a gift.

The riverman’s punt emerges  
from early mist, disappears again 
behind a curtain of willows
dangling in the stream.

Kookaburras greet 
the sun’s first gleam.
The boatman chants louder
swift current at his back
rounding the bend.

Marilyn Humbert lives on Darug and GuriNgai land in Berowra, NSW Australia. Her tanka and haiku appear in International and Australian journals, anthologies and online. Her free verse poems have been awarded prizes in competitions, published in anthologies, journals and online most recently in Nothing Divine Dies: A Poetry Anthology About Nature and FemAsia Magazine.



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