Mrs Haversham’s Array of Petunias

by Chae Paterson-Prince

dark moon 
ink dusty stars

cold mists
lifts the terra firma
ether; underfoot 
plays and licks at her 
chased legs
It’s grey mean colouring 
- everlastingly drips 

making way
back to a lit, barred room
the old woman's pedestal;
is familiar to a spray of blossom
- resurrecting no blackness 

a bowl of oranges
smile at a spectrum of bows
two scarlet petunias 
now outdated
unvisit her heirloom

hears a knock;
 so loud
blackbirds can paint 
her crazed roof 
orange and pink

days mingle into one
flightless scark
..translates into hellos 
no more is there a polished,
gilded or even guileful looking-glass 
on her wall

Chae Paterson-Prince has an extensive background in musical performance and study in literature. She now lives in artistic retreat with husband, Geoff, and two dogs at Venus Bay in Victoria.

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