Much talked about

by Paul Fearne

Forcing the sideway glimpse
We tether up our souls
To the genius of the work
Proust wrote of this painting
But where does it lie now?
Does it sit amongst
The embers in the antechamber
Where all good things go
Or does it have respite
In the semblances of the night?
There is only one thing to do here
And that is hide
Hide behind the image
And know it
To be a thing of much talked about renown
Do you come?

Paul Fearne holds a PhD from Latrobe University in philosophy, on schizophrenia.  He also has a masters from the University of Melbourne in the philosophy of art. His first book, ‘Diary of a Schizophrenic’ was launched at the Melbourne Writers Festival. His poetry has appeared in Westerly, Australian Poetry Journal, Mascara Literary Review, Unusual Work, amongst other places. He has written books on Rimbaud, and Baudelaire, and a book soon to be released on Mallarme, books all through chipmunkapublishing in the UK.

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