Never too late

Moira Kirkwood

We gobble, we’re careless of the dignity
of things. The world shudders, but this 
won’t register either. We want the wild 
ride, the whole ride.  

At some time though, the stream will 
slow then fail. We’ll find the temple of 
our final moment silent; unadorned. 
We’ll learn our place. 

Contextual Essay:  With Never too late, the poem went through so many versions with a variety of tones and moods. In the end I’ve been quite sober. There is hope for us all, in that final moment.

Moira Kirkwood has written creatively all her life, but things started to take shape when she joined the South Coast Writers Centre several years ago. Her life is a strenuous and mostly unsuccessful attempt at balancing the demands of both writing and painting. Neither practice takes kindly to being neglected and really makes you pay, once you return with your tail between your legs.



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