Our gardens

Fotoula Reynolds
Every breath you took felt like mine
Time was all we had and time was late
Under daylight’s moon
In the middle of the afternoon
I cupped my hands in angel prayer
Stepped inside a breeze
Looked for where the children sleep

When there’s nowhere to go
When winter has gone
And spring has come
It’s a lonely sound where the willows bend
Feel it in your chest like birds nesting

Our lives 
In love and rain
Together in dance
To the point of exhaustion
Peeling criticism off my soul
Wiping salty tears and a sweaty brow
Standing on a hill I don’t recall climbing
Searching for anyone who won’t vanish

Under this city’s umbrella
Thunder and lightning strike doubt
In laneways, exposed shoulders
Point skyward, Thor’s light show
Blesses the peregrine falcon 

I don’t remember what shade the sky was
When the inconsistent winter broke open
On a branch bleeding an enormous sigh
Those hours and the past, gone in a thought

Resting on fallen fat-fingered fig tree leaves
The path ahead is as narrow as my feet
If I let every fence in my mind have a gate
In heaven, our gardens will find each other

Fotoula Reynolds is a writer of poetry, born in Australia of Greek heritage. She lives in the Dandenong Ranges in southern Australia. Fotoula convenes a poetry group in her local community and regularly attends and participates in spoken word events in and around the city of Melbourne. Her work is published widely in journals, reviews and anthologies. Fotoula was nominated for the Pushcart Prize in 2019.



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