by Caroline Gerrish

we’re living in a disaster movie
everyone’s gone a bit weird
some  though  don’t find the
restrictions  too onerous –
scarcity  of everything you need
at supermarkets    the imperative
to remain inside –  those who
thrive on frugality  have found
their true purpose  they’re manually
dexterous  can fabricate what
they need  & beg/borrow the
rest   create meals from stingy
ingredients   are satisfied to watch
tv-on-demand  streamed   stan &
interact using zoom or skype  (but
for those of us who hate to cook
think too much tv time is just sluggish
behavior  & are technologically
constrained)  we’re unprepared
for the confinement within our
personal caves  (once  places of
solace)  & we begin to tear at
ourselves   so if the bear that
lives there   becomes too hungry
they could become a predator

Poet biography:
Carolyn Gerrish is a Sydney poet. Her poetry has been published widely in literary journals and edited anthologies She has published five poetry collections, the latest The View from the Moon (Island Press, 2011). She enjoys performing her work and is currently completing her sixth collection.

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