Quiet ruptures

Caterina Mastroianni

quiet sounds that never tire
being re-written, re-felt, re-heard
birds, rivers, cicadas, purrs, bush

how to cherish vitality
how to keep life away
from eating and excreting death

tranquillity is a sound that echoes
music, poesia, soft maker voices
bubbling bursts of creative quietude

how to be an escapee
of extroversion, living
within the boundaries of self

dadirri, sounds I don’t own
call me to stop and learn
how to listen, how to wait

no more small talk, big talk
no more self- imprinting
of our human exclusivity 

take this beginning, a rare rupturing
a salty stillness, a swishing littoral plea
hold this time of introversion close

Note: ‘Dadirri’ is an Aboriginal word meaning ‘inner deep listening and quiet still awareness and waiting’.http://www.dadirri.org.au/dadirri-meaning/

Caterina Mastroianni is an Italian-born Australian poet and educator who grew up in Port Kembla and Wollongong, on the land of the Wadi Wadi people of the Dharawal nation. She has published poetry in various literary magazines and four Australian anthologies, most recently in Honeyguide (June 2022), in The Ekphrastic Review (June 2022), in Live Encounters Poetry and Writing Journal (January 2022), in Poetry for the Planet: An Anthology of Imagined Futures (Litoria Press, 2021) and at Medium. She lives in Sydney on the land of the Cadigal and Wangal people of the Eora nation.



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