Random touch

by Brenda Saunders

An unseen evil is living well among us. Each random touch you make could be fatal, a series of little deaths, waiting. Once your lips sang, laughed, smiled freely. You remember that last kiss with a stranger. Could it be your final mistake? Each time you yawn, sigh or speak your mouth sends a million microbes flying. Airborne, invisible, they drift to friends and family are shared, breathed in. Some land on an innocent passer-by. Nimble and quick, they live at your fingertips. Have the last say. The unseen enemy racing across the world.

Poet biography:
Brenda is a writer and artist of Wiradjuri and British descent from Sydney. She has published three poetry books and her next collection Inland Sea is due for publication in 2020. Many of her poems have appeared in anthologies and journals both online and in print, including Australian Poetry JournalOverland, Quantum, Southerly and Westerly. She is a mentor for Black Cockatoo, the Emerging Indigenous Poets site at Verity La.

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