Remembering Heinzelova

Lincoln Jaques
The snows on Heinzelova 
smother all the tarmac broken 
by the lorries, now silent

I’ll go back one day, walk past
the Bila supermarket where I 
tried to speak the little Croatian
I could muster to the girl on the checkout
while you laughed, slightly embarrassed.

I’ll walk past the traffic lights
where that Christmas street kids
pressed their cold palms on car windows
between jumping over puddles to keep warm.

The winds on Heinzelova so strong
one could not light a cigarette
one could not form words or keep 
their fingers warm.

At dusk the stars fell into our pockets
shrapnel of my own life.
Allow me to say farewell, for we rarely 
ever get that chance. Farewell! 
We forget so many times.

My tears replace the stars as night falls
and nothing of us left now but the snow.

Lincoln Jaques holds a Master of Creative Writing from AUT. His poetry, fiction and travel writing has appeared in journals and collections in Aotearoa, Australia, America, Ireland and Asia. He was a finalist in the 2018 Emerging Poets, the featured poet for the Spring Edition of the New Zealand Poetry Society’s magazine a fine line, and a 2020 Vaughan Park Residential Scholar / Writer. He lives in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland.



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