Retail therapy…

Lynnette Reeves

As the rain trickles down
There's presents to be wrapped
I'm impatiently waiting
For the gift giving day
Having missed Easter
And birthdays due to the stupid
Covid lockdown
My patience is running out
I love gifting
To see that little smile
And a tear roll down
Their cheek cuz of their
Really makes my heart sing
My happiness is short lived
In a day
And my family I get to see next year
In the heat of the summer
Where muggy weather
Is rampid
But it's worth it!!!

Lynn is a Mum, Nana, sister, aunty, daughter and a writer, poet, crocheting Nana and an artist who paints acrylic on canvas. She has not written her book yet but plans to. Lynn has five mental health issues that are invisible to others. She works for the Big Issue, selling magazines and calendars. Lynn also paints pet portraits and other commissioned works for friends and family. Lynn loves gifting and also sees her poetry as such.



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