Self-Care / Health Care

Alec (Algo) Gourley
I am about as comfortable today in my head and in my house,
As a diabetic geriatric in a paper gown on a railed off trolley in a 
Dehydrated, overcrowded public hospital corridor on a busy Friday night
Without a phone charger.
Self-care is everywhere these days, even there.
From Buddhism to bubble baths.
A transactional exchange for a mildly transitory state of mind.
Self-care is everywhere.
Apart from in the power of those with a mental illness
To perform.
Like a salivating, tail wagging dog.

Algo is from Ireland. In self imposed self isolation, Algo only wears black and enjoys studying the school of Austrian Economics, reading comic books and meditating. Algo once believed he was a nihilist but now believes in something higher.



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