September 2020: COVID19

Welcome to the first edition of ‘Burrow

I have a confession. I am a consumer. A reader rather than a writer. My life has been a journey through works of fiction, drama and verse. Often I read four books at a time. It is, perhaps, not so surprising then that I find myself married to a writer (with two adult children who are also published writers) sitting in a library (at home) about to launch a literary journal. At this point, I should amend my opening statement. I do not confess but rather boast of my consumption of anything written. The only time in my life when I have not been reading a book is the (thankfully) short period when I had depression.

This edition of ‘Burrow’ asks writers to reflect on their mental health as they negotiate the COVID-19 pandemic. The truly global nature of this event is reflected in the diverse origins and backgrounds of our contributors. I am thankful that each writer represented here has not lost their love of words but has used their word-hoard to grapple with, explore, celebrate, rage against and, finally, share their experience of this moment. Here you will find poems about being isolated from loved ones, about the contents of wardrobes and handbags, about being freed from the ordinary busyness of our lives, about grief, about struggle, and about joy. And it is with great joy that I am able to launch this inaugural edition of ‘Burrow’.

Jillian Hall

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