Suburban Grace

Rose Lucas

pink rose from Rose Lucas’s garden
The thing that is not earned
 	        but given 	    unfurls
like the wings of an angel  
                  	   tumbling out of the sky –
say the tender rosebud unwrapping
itself	petal by    	   delicate petal
into weak winter sunlight
still damp with
         	night’s cold breath       
but greeting the morning
and the turning of my head with this
remembrance of what might
actually happen
in its own brief span
there for the looking         this volt
of quiet attention

Rose Lucas is a Melbourne poet and academic at Victoria University. She is the author of 5 poetry collections, the most recent being This Shuttered Eye (2021). She is also the editor of the recent Lockdown Poetry: The Covid Long Haul. She is Foundation Editor at Liquid Amber Press. Her next collection, Increments of the Everyday will be published by Puncher and Wattman in 2022.



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