The gift that gives twice

Margaret Bradstock

An armchair activist, she signs petitions,
                 distributes leaflets, super-glues 
anti-fracking posters to billboards
and bus-shelters. Bumper stickers –“Save 
Our Tree-Huggers”, “Protect Our Oceans” 
         − shout  their  message from her van.

She conserves water, uses solar power, 
recycles, composts, sends almost nothing
to landfill. She’s ordinary, nothing special
         just your everyday environmentalist. 

At Christmas (and whenever
        conscience bites) feel-good donations
             go out to charities. She remembers
to give way at pedestrian crossings, 
even at roundabouts, to parents 
                                  with prams and toddlers,
supports emerging poets, helps
                   grandchildren write essay drafts.

And when she does,
                         it’s a bigger hit than Xanax.

Margaret Bradstock has eight published collections of poetry, including The Pomelo Tree (winner of the Wesley Michel Wright Prize) and Barnacle Rock (winner of the Woollahra Festival Award, 2014). Editor of Antipodes (2011) and Caring for Country (2017), Margaret won the Banjo Paterson Poetry Award in 2014, 2015 and 2017. Her latest collection, from Puncher & Wattmann, is Brief Garden (2019).



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