The prism of place

Lynette Reeves
Night closes in 
helicopter flight crosses my skies
No lights on the ground
Not my thing
Low as he goes
Creating wind, noise and vibration
Here i am in the cold
The elegant elephants
Hang neatly on the wall
Lined up like soldiers
In purple green and pink
 howling wind stole his hat
Rain piercing my skin like needles the elephant's stare like ghosts
The star's like glitter scattered accross the sky
The palm trees like golf umbrellas blowing inside out
The wind rages like the gods are mad
10°C and dropping at 9pm
The Buddha's sit still in every room
My place is right here right now
I'm exactly where I am meant to be
In time and space…
In this space we call life
I find peace in the space I call home.

Lynn Reeves aka nova christeen
Is 48 yr old grandmother
Who has two legendary sons
I have two hobbies crochet and diamond dots and I’m an artist who also works for the big issue I also attend a gym every day which is a new adventure for me
And I’m honoured to be published with
Philip Hall and the burrow crew again



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