the projectionist

Geoffrey Aitken

i remember the flicks
in the outdoor theatre

on summer holiday
with that big white screen

before whispered anticipation
saw the projector light
reflect from dust particles

then the dinosaur Jurassic film
had us recall 
miniature classroom relationships

wondering to ourselves
who knew how to put this together

no matter how clumsily

Note: Edited at Ochre Coast Poets July 9th, 2022

Geoffrey Aitken writes in Adelaide, on unceded Kaurna land as an awarded emerging poet whose stylized industrial minimalism shares his lived experience with publishers both locally (AUS) and internationally (the UK, US, CAN, Fr & CN), this year at, ‘New Verse News’ and more recently at, ‘Discretionary Love’, ‘State Of Matter’ and ‘Black Poppy Review’. The next US, at ‘Déraciné Magazine’ summer 2022. Later this year at ‘Social Alternatives’ (AUS). Thirty years in central Australia in education with six remote, births ideas for much of Geoffrey’s writing.



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