This is It!

Gryphon Beyerle
Like an animal who died in your walls 
Whose only stink of rot is its silence
It used to thump for you and scratch and chatter
It leaves you lonesome, the rat!

When you quit the wine and smokes
You reload yourself with tooth whitener
The simple detox of lifetime miseries
A sweaty palm ties handsome shoes

Never mind that something inside you 
Drags like a water jug in a plastic bag 
Stretching down and downward until its weight bursts 
The bottom and explodes across the ground

How quickly the world smiles and forgets that you were
Fat and mean and broke and lost
And of course also creative and new, perfect and raw 

But now this is happiness– you are truly happy!
It is something achieved, all of it,
The home and the partner and the savings and the good.

Besides your leech –
As it gloms the brain – forever in everything – sucking and gnawing and thump scratch chattering –
Onward for-ever – it’s you

Gryphon Beyerle lives in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio and has a BA from Ohio University. Her work has appeared in Sphere, Fangle, and Remington Review.



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