Marilyn Humbert

we speak of simple things
cloud patterns in a square of sky
mottled light across your lap
a drift of jasmine 
coiling the window ledge
the views from a chair

my life outside ignored
you share daily happenings
along the polished corridor
residents shuffle past with hellos 
eager for tea and cake
the meds trolley’s rattling wobble
muffled shift-change laughter
a nurse’s almost silent steps

I leave you 
watching white cockatoos 
wheel across your patch of sky
chittering, dangling
lorikeets in a grevillea

Marilyn Humbert lives on Darug and GuriNgai land in Berowra, NSW Australia. Her tanka and haiku appear in International and Australian journals, anthologies and online. Her free verse poems have been awarded prizes in competitions, published in anthologies, journals and online most recently in Poetry for the Planet Anthology and FemAsia Magazine.



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