walking at night

Tim Heffernan
triplicate shadows accompany me, at once overtaking and falling behind. streetlamps scatter sun showers of light, as insects punctuate this illumination. in back streets the night is many toned and i play catch up games with myself amongst the precisely positioned telegraph poles. occasional headlights question why someone would be walking to mangoplah at this ungodly hour, but in the clear i sing to the wind and notice that it is lighter now. here, as before, i turn around and begin back to town. early work cars stalk past and then motor silently up the slope before disappearing over the crest. revived by the dawn i steal a paper from a sleeping lawn and say good morning to a dressing gowned woman looking for some news

Tim Heffernan has published at Thylazine, Cordite, Spineless Wonders, Eureka Street, Blackmail Press, Red Room Company and Verity La. Most recently his work has appeared in Australian Poetry, Rabbit and Plumwood Mountain. Tim was awarded the 2016 joanne burns award for prose poetry and microfiction. With poet Alise Blayney he developed the first ‘Mad Poetry’ workshops and readings at the 2016 Wollongong Writers Festival and together they co-edit Verity La’s, ‘Clozapine Clinic – The Frater Project’. Tim has also collaborated with Iraqi poet Haider Catan in translating the ‘Poetry in the Minefield’ an anthology of poets published in Verity La’s ‘Discoursing Diaspora’.



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