We’re All a Little Crazy 

Rachel Miller
I’m a wild-minded girl, but I’m happy
They’ll soon find a new mental health diagnosis for me 
one day, I’m sure

But I’ve found a way to live with 
The clatter, the chatter, the wonderings 
Once debilitating, 
I’ve found a way to live happily, 
Comforted by the familiarity
The oddity
The fun
It’s all an adventure, really. 

There’s nothing wrong with you, 
Or me
Or any of us really
We’re just meandering our way through our minds
Trying to make sense of it
If you can find a way to view
That ailment with familiarity
Like a friend of sorts
—your gift of sorts

If you can accept those ailments, those plaguing of your mind
Those weird things you think about, the things you try to hide—
The way you think and move
If you just 
jump right in
Without trying to tame it
Numb it
Quiet it down
With alcohol, TV, and any other vice
You’ll find
It’s quite entertaining
On it’s own

Dive in
No need to fit in
When you fit within your mind
Others will understand
Because somewhere, deep down
We’re all the same

Rachel Miller is a mental health nurse and writer who lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Her writing is featured on her website, The Collective Mind, where she shares ideas on how to make desired changes easier by changing how you think. Her poetry has appeared in Open Heart Forgery and The Mindful Word.



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