When Martyrdom does not Serve

by Julia Kaylock

On the Good Ship Lollipop
Where trouble melts like lemon drops
Come sit awhile and watch the show
But you'll not smile before you go,

Nor sing, nor dance, nor speak too brave
There's serious stuff, so please behave
Blasphemy will just not do,
Just bide the rules until we're through!

The winds of cultural decay
Make room for artistic dismay;
Just as a fire starts with a flame
Too late, we find it's all a game.

The bubble bursts in rainbow hues,
Friends are not for you to choose;
This is a ship of fools forlorn
And those who sail are battle worn.

Drop the lifeboat, head for shore
While they're still tallying the score
The ship is listing starboard now;
See Medusa on her prow,

But look not in her eyes, unless
You seek a final, swift egress;
Give thanks as you land softly, friend;
You won the battle in the end. 

Welcome essay:
This poem is about the importance of self-care during a time of uncertainty; it is about things not always going well but we can take steps to ensure our own health and wellbeing. There are times to take risks, and times to seek safety, and both of these have their positives.

Poet biography:
Julia Kaylock lives on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria Australia. With a background in adult education, career coaching and educational publishing, Julia has been published widely in newspapers, journals, magazines, and online. Her poems and short stories have appeared in several publications including The Blue Nib (Issue 41, 2020). Julia is also an editor, including the anthology Gatherings by the Lighthouse (Picklepoetry, 2019) and Messages from the Embers: From Devastation to Hope (Black Quill Press, 2020). She is an avid photographer and bushwalker. 

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