White cockatoos

Adam Stokell
mind the sky no fabric till they tear it
flash mob twenty strong
a jagger hurls them come

call to slam the air-brakes down in built-up urban slang 
jurassic screech the crackle’s claws 
make believe today’s a bird

lonely planet pine tree lumped
a twenty-handed clock
veteran firebrands counting down the cones 

reminds the sky of paperbacks
brimstone-crested superseded flock
digits fling the cockatoos away

Adam Stokell’s poems have appeared in various journals, including Dust, Cordite, Meanjin, Plumwood Mountain, Communion, Burrow and Meniscus. His first poetry collection, Peopling The Dirt Patch, formed part of The People’s Library exhibit at the Long Gallery, Salamanca. He lives in Gagebrook, Tasmania.



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