With Open Arms

Michele Fermanis-Winward
Night stands before me
she is waiting, and I 
am grateful for her invitation
to recline in the silence of her arms
as the cold sheets of absence
softly warm to my blood

sloughed of demands
the busyness of daylight hours
now drift and fade 
like the clothes I've shed
my mind falls open and naked
in the bliss of time to waste

I stretch and snuggle
find that soft breath space
unclench the knot in my core
reach for a book with stories to unwind
and weave among my dreams
of science and its measures

I step back through the years
to be present at the moment
our understanding changed
when a mind leapt beyond the known
and grasped the possibility 
of the future I inhabit.

Michele Fermanis-Winward lives on Darug and Gundungurra lands in the Upper Blue Mountains of the World Heritage National Park in New South Wales, Australia. She is the recipient of a Varuna Writer’s Space Fellowship. Michele is currently working on her seventh collection of poetry. She comes from a background in visual arts and her work is imagist based. Michele’s poetry draws on her lived experience of mental illness and autism. She is inspired by science, social justice and the natural environment, by our responsibility to the planet and its future health.



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