Ibtisam Shahbaz
Deep within, a confusion wishes to be resolved
My heart longs to sit underneath the stars all night
Thinking they have some answer
When even my truth knows they are but soft light from dead suns
Do these constellations even exist in real time?
Destiny or my reflections are causing me unrest
Words are difficult to form
Am I the one who was, or the one I am yet to become?
A yearning on the horizon
Music pulsing on a nerve
Constructs unidentifiable
Growing, falling, settling

Moulds are created to be broken
So, we shatter these structures of glass
To see the light fracture
Find beauty in the pain
Lifting the broken pieces of ourselves
The hurt, regret, self-doubt 
Hold them in our hands and let the materialism escape
See our reflection in the shards
Fractured faces, ideas of ourselves
Who are you really?
Hold these ruins
And piece by piece, build yourself together
Fall and flourish
Until you cannot be shattered no longer

Ibtisam Shahbaz is an emerging writer and poet based in Naarm. Her work is influenced by the perspectives and experiences of her childhood in Australia, amalgamating with the influence of her Pakistani background. She has a passion for literature, poetry and prose, and is currently working on her manuscript for a poetry collection. She is a volunteer at Red Room Poetry, assisting with their Poetry Month and Poem Forest projects.



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