Mynah news

Adèle Ogiér Jones

No business cards deposited
this morning
along the white ridge of a balcony
placed there to hold us in
placed for the blossoms
flowing over the edge
softening harsh angles
which could have been curves.

No business droppings left
by mynahs
along painted crests on top levels
holding brick frames covered
in concrete and render
creating a sense
growing out of the earth
competing with smaller birds
who visit us still.

Their business card leaves us
with companionship
lockdown’s daily observation
racing to wave off visitors
cheeky determination
undeterred by my presence
beaming recognition
greeting fellows
lingering in lockdown.

I watch you line up
along the old wooden fence
in the neighbour’s place next door,
reminding me of scenes from Braveheart
where Mel Gibson led landowners
facing troops dressed in red.

Then on a silent command
which I cannot hear but see,
in formation you swoop to the ledge
overhanging a dog kennel below
unsuspecting till that very last moment 
a gargoyle deters you as you hang left.

I see you scatter to all directions
in bewilderment
and I silently cheer the rough image
formed in lieu of a commonplace scarecrow
ugliness to suit the deepest
nightmare of unwary marauders.

I call you such
there each day, taken for granted
visiting at odd times
leaving your sense of exuberance
long after you’ve gone
uninvited but never rebuked,
grateful for your presence
craved for in time of lockdown.

I see you for gifts you leave
cheerful chatter on balcony ledge
souvenirs for another cleaning
companionability lasting
even as I do the weeding
at the other end
in this together
scratching in earth, searching
before flying back to a broken fence.

One more unexpected connection
in a time of solitude
though hardly quiet and alone
with these mynahs disregarding
recommended social distance,
bossy, bird egos strutting
parading where local backyard birds
and honeyeaters should be skimming
gathering sunshine’s morning dew.

Neighbours from a backyard tree
visiting today
encroaching on the space 
of others
who do not dare to land,
     avoiding repetition
     new waves 
     which air disperses
     interrupted internet’s
     slow skype
     make distance 
till neighbours
from the bird world
and others of their ilk
bring sunshine’s
weekend’s contemplation
with a simple joy.

One curious mynah crept along the ridge
today, to look closer
at the green plastic butterfly
stuck to the balcony edge
to keep him and his mates
away with their mess.

Yet, there’s something heart
warming about nature and its life,
birds here as long as imports,
something satisfying
about nature’s world
outsmarting its intruders.

Writing creatively as Ogiér Jones, Adèle has four collections of poetry published by Ginninderra Press – the latest Counting the Chiperoni written in Malawi(2019), as well as three chapbooks (in the Pocket Poets series). She appears in numerous anthologies including The Blue Nib (April 2020), Messages from the Embers (Black Quill Press, 2020). She has two published novels, the first Desert Diya (Ginninderra Press, 2010) like much of her poetry, comes from her international work. She calls both Freiburg i. Br. and Melbourne home.

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